Branding is not expensive but without proper planning and strategy, it could go wrong.

Often times, we make the mistake of thinking brand building is creating the logo and selling the product or service. It is not. While creating a logo is an integral part of the brand building process, it goes a lot further than that. It entails knowing who you are as a brand and what you intend to sell.

Yes! it is as important for a small brand as it is, for a big brand. As a small business owner that is willing to grow your business, you need to build your brand.

Asides, naming your brand, Here are a couple of tips for branding your business.

1. Create a Memorable Logo

One of the major steps to achieving a brand that is distinct in today’s highly competitive market includes creating a logo or identity that is unique, meaningful, memorable and relatable. Bear in mind that your logo is a visual entity representing your organization, it must appeal to your potential customers and if possible reflect the value you are bringing to the market.

To create an identity that works, your marketing team should employ the services of a reputable Design Company or Brand Agency.


2. Develop your brand message

PEAK! It’s in you 
GUINNESS…Reach for greatness 
GLO! With pride
MTN! Everywhere you go

Think about it. What is that core message you want your brand to be associated with? 
If you think all of these brands woke up one morning and decided to come up with a few pretty catchy phrases and run with, you are most definitely wrong! 

There’s a lot more that goes into developing brand messages. You don’t want to be misunderstood neither do you want to seem unserious. Start by thinking about that core message that will best portray your brand and your values. Putting yourself in the mind of your customer, competitors and also your internal vision also helps a great deal.

We certainly hope you get it right.


3. Develop brand messaging guidelines and develop templates for your business

Your brand needs a single visual language. It’s not compulsory but definitely necessary.

As your brand grows, you might not have the luxury of working with the same designer you started with. The sad fact is, not every designer is a good designer but developing strong brand guidelines accommodates even for those who lack the appropriate skills. 
By setting standards on such things as colors, layout, typography, tone and developing templates, you are ensuring that your brand has a consistent professional.


4. Build your online presence

You need to build an online presence. It’s your shot at gaining visibility, credibility and building relationships with a global audience.

Building an online presence is pretty easy. Build your website, create your social media profiles on various social media sites that are relevant to your business, create enough content and you’re good to go.


5. Deliver Quality

“To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one.”

After taking time to build your brand, it’s futile to deliver distasteful products and services that isn’t up to par with what you promised or what the customers deserve. 

Nothing speaks reliability as much as quality.

Be reliable! Deliver quality! Your customers will be happy promoters of your business.


6. Deliver Experience

If you want your customers to stay loyal, you have to invest in their experience.

From the initial contact to the commencement of engagement and finally to the delivery of your service or product, it should be an experience to relish.

Start improving your customer experience strategy right now!



Branding is not easy and a lot goes into it than just creating a logo. It entails proper strategy and planning.


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